Definition by Nadine Mneimneh

When I first got introduced to Lebanese designer Nadine Mneimneh's work back in 2011, I clearly remember how colorful and fun her designs were. I have previuosly featured her work here. But when I received an e-mail from Nadine a week ago sharing with me these pictures of her new collection and  atelier, I was amazed at how her work progressed into something of understated elegance and timeless appeal. It felt like her designs have matured but in a really good way. The shapes are basic but are defined by elements of urbanity. And I like how she kept her choice of colors dark to complement the timeless silhouette.

This capsule collection is the first of a series which comes under the theme definition. 'Garments can be evocative of our stories, our moods, or just things we accumulate to reach our ideal self image. This capsule tells my own story.' described the designer her new collection.

You can find out more about Nadine Mneimneh's work by clicking here.